Stand Up Trondheim Comedy Klubbkveld


lør. 29.04
Kl. 20:00
Skjermbilde 2023 01 04 kl 08 27 48
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  • Voksen 200,-
  • Student 150,-

We are back with English Comedy Nights in Trondheim.

DAVE THOMPSON is a hilariously quirky comedian who has graced stages around the world in places as diverse as The Falklands and Dubai. His fascinating life includes playing the role of Tinky Winky in Teletubbies and acting in series such as The Last Kingdom.

GEOFF WHITING, one of the most prolific comedians, has driven 700,000 kilometres to gigs in every part of the UK, going through fourteen cars in the process and has done more than 4,500 stand-up gigs. Geoff has played all the UK’s leading clubs including The Comedy Store and toured as far afield as Libya. He is booked to gig in Times Square NYC this Summer and now we happily welcome him back to Trondheim.

STELLA GRAHAM, 14 years ago, was nominated Best Newcomer at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards. She has since performed numerous solo shows in various countries and has been described as naturally funny, shameless and charmingly aggressive.

Join us for a fascinating and entertaining comedy romp.

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